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Why Innovare

Our expert staff works closely with each client to understand their needs, budget, and individual style. Our goal is to deliver the best customized solution to every client.

We understand that your time is valuable. Our team will plan, check and double check the project details. This frees our clients up to focus without worry on the important thing—taking care of their own businesses. Best of all, we offer top-of-the-line innovative solutions from elite manufacturers that help you discover what's possible.

Who We Are

Innovare is Michigan's premier authorized dealer of the latest designs from coveted brands such as Teknion, Kwalu, and Studio TK. In addition to curating a selection of leading products, we offer clients flexible and affordable interior solutions including custom furniture, design consultation, space planning, and installation.


Since 2008, Innovare has been providing customers across Michigan with exceptional design and service. We have become celebrated as a regional destination for high-quality, design-driven furniture solutions.

Our Mission

Consider us your go-to source in the region for Teknion and Kwalu products. We provide workplace solution-centered, eye-catching designs, and interior space planning that will leave an everlasting impression while developing dream outcomes that complement the budgets, goals, and purposes of the organizations we serve.


At Innovare, we work with each client directly to come up with innovative ideas for transforming their workspace. Our team has a diverse range of strengths, expertise, and backgrounds. Our goal is to create functional and unapologetically beautiful spaces that fit every budget.

Innovare is home to a host of exciting brands. We also go above and beyond to create customizable, remanufactured solutions that achieve today’s trends and refresh your current workplace aesthetic at a fraction of the cost. Through our customer-oriented experience, clients will recognize that the sky is the limit for what is possible in their workspace.

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905 Southland Ave
Lansing, MI 48910