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Are You Having Difficulty Developing a Plan to Transition Back to the Office?

We’ve Created Cost-Effective Pop-Up Zones

According to CBRE, “Approaches to remote work will vary by company, department, and leader, which is why companies need to create clear but flexible remote-work policies. Remote work is here to stay. 85% of employees prefer to work remotely at least two to three days a week in the future and 60% of respondents will return to the office in the future for community and collaboration.”

As you transition back to the office, it is important to create open environments and produce flexibility because of our changing world around us. It is our job to create places of work that enhance the well-being of employees while at the same time inspiring the work-ethic and desire we had before the pandemic. 

Flexibility is crucial in retaining the skills and talents of workers to enable the health and balance of everyday life. That is why at Innovare, we believe pop-up zones are perfect for you. Our solution is easy to install, no mess pop up zone to manage your employees and create flexibility in the workspace.

Benefits of the Pop-Up Zones:

Our walls provide seamless space division through functional integration with Altos architectural walls. They are feature-rich and perfect for any space. 

  • Flexibility
  • No dust
  • No drywall
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No permanent changes to the structure
Teknion Tek Vue Pop-Up Zone

“54% of company leaders prefer a hybrid arrangement for their team that combines working remotely and from the office” (CBRE)

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    Innovare, formerly Corporate Office Interiors, is Michigan’s premier authorized office furniture dealer with the latest designs and brands. We offer our clients flexible and affordable interior solutions including custom furniture, design consultation, space planning, and installation. Consider us as your go-to source for interior space planning. We provide dream outcomes to complement your goals and keeping within your budget.

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    • “We have received endless compliments from clients and prospects on our office style and furniture. Jim has always been great to work with.”

      -Laura at Michigan Planners

    • “We were originally referred to Innovare by a long-term client who said they were the best. After working with them for more than three years, I would most definitely agree with what we were told. Jim Baker and his team were instrumental in the design of our new home office and have been very effective at recommending a furniture plan that fit our culture as well as our function. Recently, we opened a satellite office with a more restrictive budget. Innovare suggested and delivered refurbished goods, which look brand new and are ideal for the setting without us having to feel like we compromised a single thing. I would absolutely recommend Innovare to anyone interested in dealing with a talented and professional office furniture and design organization.”

      -John at Michigan Planners

    • “The George F. Eyde Family has used Innovare over the years for several important projects. We are a family business and it is essential that we collaborate. Jim and the entire Innovare team are professional and down to earth. They take time to listen to our needs, rather than tell us what we need to do. They collaborate with us to bring our vision to reality. It’s a great partnership.”

      -Evemarie Eyde at Member Eyde Corporation

    • “Working with Innovare on projects is nothing short of perfect. They are responsive, patient and are willing to work on solutions to any of your problems. Ada and Jim have been fantastic, and I would highly recommend them as a partner.”

      -Terese at BIGGBY

    • “While planning the launch of a North America office for our U.K.-based parent company, we found ourselves in the market for office furnishings and design support. I was fortunate to locate and contact Innovare. Their response was immediate and professional. Jim Baker and his team were eager to assist and went the extra mile to review concepts and show us office designs and furnishing alternatives. The office project planning, coordination, ordering, and furniture installation were smooth and professional. Furthermore, it was a real pleasure working with the Innovare team. I would recommend Innovare to anyone in need of office furnishings and interior design assistance. We now have a beautiful workspace that meets our needs.”

      -Phillip DeBerry at AB Dynamics, Inc.

    • “Working with Jim Baker and his team at Innovare was a professional, customer-based experience. Innovare combined our ideas and vision with their expertise and experience to design an efficient office workspace that works in concert with our laboratory spaces. Throughout the entire design and construction process, Innovare’s attention to detail was second to none, and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to build out new or renovate a commercial or retail space. Thanks Innovare.”

      -Todd Welch at Viridis Laboratories








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